After opening our doors in 2007, our shop has established itself as a community-oriented space supporting free-thinkers of all ages.

We are a fun, creative space for kids of all ages - even those technically all grown up! Along with our collections of unique toys and clothing for children, we offer a treasure trove of merchandise and novelties for adults. Cards, stationary, clothing, jewelry, books, you name it. We also always have the coolest stickers, patches and pins you could hope to find.

If you can’t make it to us in person, we’re launching our online store very soon where you can grab exclusive R9 designs and more!

If you’re in the area, stop by to check out our other offerings: live music events, weekly game clubs, movie nights and more. Learn more on our programs page.


Revolution 9 was established in 2007 out of a desire to create a community hub in the town of Fairfax for all ages, but with a focus on supporting young artists and musicians. Owner Huda, inspired by the indie art toy movement, Japanese movie monsters and animation, and the enduring art and counter-culture of Haight street, brought together these different elements to imagine a gallery store with studio and workshop spaces that would inspire and make everyone feel welcome and at home. The store includes a movie lounge, an art gallery wall, workshop rooms and an upstairs music studio. Revolution 9 is truly a family business with Huda’s sons Amin and Karim and other friends and family running game clubs and art classes in the workshop rooms for over ten years.



Our exclusive one-of-a-kind Zoltron sticker machine has the coolest stickers around.
Take a chance and collect them all…


Get your name on the high score board.


Band T-shirts, local Marin brands, patterned socks, anything you could ask for


Limited edition and exclusive Zoltron concert posters. 
We are the only physical location that carries Zoltron prints year round.


From casual movie nights, to local youth art galleries, to music showcases, relax and enjoy…
Visit our calendar for upcoming events, or check out our program page to see what we have going on.



Stardust is the newest member of the family, continuing a lineage of bearded dragons, and is a growing boy who loves to lounge under his heat lamp in a princely manner. He loves chasing after grubs and taking trips around the shop on our shoulders.


Our resident blue-tongued skink is Smaug, a dangerously cute beast who is frequently mistaken for an oddly fat snake. Friendly and familiar with the art of escape, Smaug has been a treasured member of the family since 2015. Although he can be grumpy in the morning when breakfast is served and disturbs his beauty sleep, he is a sweetheart and fascinates visitors from far and wide.


Jeremy is a giant day gecko and our oldest shop critter. He has been a part of the R9 family since the shop opened in 2007! He is a master at hide-and-seek, although the games are never really fair since he is always the one that hides. Once you spot him, most likely lounging on his branch or on the wall of his home, he will stun you with his adorable looks.